• Image of "THE OTHERSIDE" - DVD
  • Image of "THE OTHERSIDE" - DVD
  • Image of "THE OTHERSIDE" - DVD

Music Videos
"No Love" Official Video
"Colder Than Ever" Official Video

Live Sets
Rockford, Illinois - Rockford Vfw - February 2011
Elgin, Illinois - Mao's Basement - September 2011
Lisbon, Portugal - Republica De Musica - April 2013

With Hardcore Collective June 2012 In Pomona, California

Featuring Footage From Various Shows, Practices And Tours From 2011 - 2013

Directed By Ian McCullough With Annotation Films

Filmed By Warhound, Ian McCullough, Taylor Wadley, Blue Shoes Productions, Hardcore Collective, Tom Belz, Luis Guerrero, James Kurek (RIP), Leslie Hidalgo And Akira Doggyhoods

Photography by James Kurek (RIP)

Layout & Graphic Design by Nico LaCorcia with Versatile Digital Media


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